Biography of the Speaker


I was still very young when I started to work for the Blind Italian Union, reading and recording many books.Than I started to workers a journalist, speaker and newsreader for two local TV stations. Here I also started to deal with advertising and recording studios.I felt the need to deepen and improve the skills of voice so I joined a Drama School and a Theatre Company. Very exciting and successful years, I won the Award as best supporting actress at a National Theatre Competition and increased my professional skills.Since than it begins a ralentlessly career that brings me to spread cooperation with many recording studios, working everyday as voice over on commercials, documentaries, e-learning, audiobooks, corporate videos, etc.

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Orsola Boran

Professional actress skilled as speaker and voice over for:
  • TV and radio commercials
  • Promotional videos for Professionals and Companies
  • Videogames
  • E-learning
  • Audiobooks and Audioguides
  • Documentaries, Newsreading, Cartoons
  • Phone messaging, IVR systems

An italian female voice with a clean tone-color, warm and friendly but also cheerful and full of different shades that makes pleasant any audio production, both typical corporate and entertainment productions.

Some of the brands i’ve worked for:


Official Italian voice of the Apple IVR system.

Listen to Orsola’s voice on a varied range of demos:
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